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Play in the Llano River

The river in front of the cabin has shallow rapids for the kids to play and is also a great spot for adults to relax. The path that leads to the river goes to a large rock that is perfect for setting up camp and sunbathing.

The Castell Cabin is family friendly and there is NO charge for children under 18 staying with a family member. When booking, only enter the number of adults staying at the cabin.

Fish in the Llano River

The area immediately in front of the cabin is great for wade fishing. Just down from the cabin is also a long stretch of open, deep water but will need a kayak or canoe to access.  For the really adventurous, you can do a float trip to the next low-water crossing that is 5 miles downstream.

Just Relax at the cabin

The cabin sits on stilts and has a great deck to view the surrounding area and wildlife. In the evening, watch the sunset as it disappears over the river.  At night, there is a great view of the sky to watch for falling stars and see the different constellations.