Cabin FAQs

How many bedrooms are in the cabin?

The cabin layout consist of a combined open kitchen and living area in the front half, a single bathroom with shower, and 3 separate bedrooms in the back half. There are 2 bedrooms with queen beds in each and a bunkroom with 3 twin size bunkbeds to put all the kids.

How many people can the cabin accommodate?

The cabin can comfortably accommodate 4 adults plus 6 kids. There are two bedrooms for adults and a bunkroom for kids. The bunkroom has 3 bunkbeds but is not recommended for adults due to the limited space in the room.

What is the Llano River view like from the cabin?

The Llano River is located about 300' directly in front of the cabin. The river is visible through the trees and the view varies based on the amount of foliage. Note that the cabin does not directly overlook the river but sits back far enough to stay out of the floodplain. The one acre where the cabin is located is direct river frontage.

The cabin sits on stilts 8' feet above the ground which offers a great view of the area from the deck - perfect for watching birds and wildlife.

How secluded is the cabin?

Although there are houses in the area, the brush and trees around the cabin make it very secluded. The closest house to the cabin is behind it about 100 yards and hardly visible. If you are wanting peace and quiet, you will not be disappointed.

What amenities are in cabin?

  • oven/cooktop
  • microwave
  • 2 window A/C units
  • charcoal BBQ grill
  • refrigerator
  • ceiling fans
  • toaster
  • propane heater
  • coffee maker
  • radio/CD/iPod player

Please note there is NOT a TV or Internet service.

What items are supplied?

  • pillows and pillow cases
  • sheets and blankets
  • bath towels
  • misc non-perishable food items (salt, pepper, coffee, sugar, etc.)
  • eating/cooking utensils
  • toilet paper
  • cleaning supplies

What items do I need to bring?

  • beach towels for river/sunbathing
  • drinking water (if you do not want to drink well water)
  • food
  • charcoal (if you wish to BBQ)
  • paper towels/napkins
  • cards, dominoes, board games, etc for evening activities

What is the Llano River like in front of the cabin?

All the river pictures shown on the website were taken in the area of the river directly in front of the cabin. At the end of the trail to the river is a large granite rock to use for setting up lawn chairs, ice chest, etc. In front of the rock is a perfect area for the kids (and adults) to swim. The water depth ranges from 1-4' with some fun rapids to bounce down.

What is the current water flow of the Llano River?

Check the USGS site at Mason or the USGS site at Llano for real-time river flow data. A good flow is between 75-275 CFS.

Where in Castell is the cabin located?

The cabin is approximately 300 yards East of the post office and sits back 200 yards back from highway 152 towards the river.

Does the cabin have a TV or Internet?

No, there is not a TV or Internet service. There is a big screen TV in the Castell Store for watching football/basketball.

Is there cell phone service?

There is good 4g service for ATT. For Verizon the service is pretty spotty. Not sure about other carriers.

Does the cabin have river frontage?

Yes, the cabin has one acre of Llano River frontage.

What is in Castell?

The town of Castell has a General Store and a post office. The General Store has water, ice, beer, and fishing supplies. On Thursday through Saturday, the store has hamburgers and BBQ.

What are the closest towns?

Castell is halfway between Llano and Mason which is about an 18 mile drive to each. These are the closest towns where groceries or gas can be purchased.

Does the cabin have air conditioning?

The cabin has three window A/C units. During the 100+ days in the summer, these units will keep the cabin comfortable, but don't expect it to be cold inside. There are also ceiling fans in the bedrooms.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. Please keeps pets off furniture and beds. Also, do not lets pets roam freely around property.