Llano River Fishing

What to Expect

The majority of bass you catch in the Llano will be Guadalupes. There are also Largemouths, Smallmouths and the usual assortment of perch. Don't expect monster fish - the average size is between 10" and 12" but each trip usually yields a couple of fish in the 2-3lb range. To keep things fun, fish with ultra-light spinning gear using 4lb test.

Canoe/Kayak Rentals

There are kayaks available to rent at the Castell Store. 325-247-4100

Float Trips

There are two trips you can take.

  • Highway 87 bridge back to cabin (12 miles) - This is a hard trip and only recommended for the more ardent fishermen. Expect to do a solid 6 hours of paddling not including fishing time. I usually plan on 10-12 hours when taking this trip. Also expect to get out a few times to drag through some shallow rapids. But with that said, the fishing can make all the effort worthwhile.
  • From the cabin downstream to Schneider's crossing (5 miles) - There is plenty of fishable water along this stretch and is usually always productive. About a mile past the cabin, the river channels up on the South side and makes for some excellent wade fishing.

Shuttle Service

Give Randy a call at the Castell Store. 325-247-4100.

Wade Fishing

Around the cabin there is some wade fishing, but the better fishing is reachable by canoe or kayak. A half-mile below the cabin is a series of rapids/pools that are good wade fishing. It can be reached by walking in the river, but a canoe makes it much easier.

Trout Fishing

Trout are released in December at the Castell bridge which is just a few hundred yards from the cabin. Call the Castell Store for stocking dates.

Llano River Water Flow

Check the USGS site at Mason or the USGS site at Llano for real-time river flow data. A good flow is between 75-275 CFS.